Matilda Reyes was born and raised in New York City. After an eight-year stint in Los Angeles, she moved to South Florida, which she's still trying to love. She loves living by the ocean and bookstores and loves supporting indie writers. She owns more books than she could possibly read in this lifetime and has no compunctions about buying more. Her favorite genres to read are urban fantasy and paranormal romance though she'll read anything you put in front of her. Her newest series, the Black Cauldron Detective Agency, kicks off with the release of book one,

Unearthly Magic, in 2021.

Matilda lives begrudgingly in the Miami area with her dog,  Jon Snow.

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In a New York where supernatural races live undetected, private investigator gray mage Ava Ramos used to be one of the best detectives in the city. Her reputation, her coven, and her romantic relationship blew up in the wake of the incident that was the sharp descent of her life. 

Now, with the three remaining members of her coven, Ava runs the struggling Black Cauldron Detective Agency, taking every case thrown their way from the supernatural community and humans alike, no matter how much it pains her.

When Lourdes, the Queen of Witches, offers Ava and her fellow detectives a chance to restore their standing within the supernatural community, they jump on it. However, they realize they're in trouble when the Queen wants them to do the impossible - retrieve a missing potion that the Queen only describes the biggest threat to the witch race.