Matilda Reyes was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She’s lived on both coasts, loves experiencing different seasons, and will never say no to a cup of hot chocolate. Matilda has had a fascination with books as long as she can remember. She insisted on being taught how to read at the age of three when the pictures in her books no longer satisfied her thirst for stories. As a child, she dabbled with writing fiction and poetry, but didn’t start writing seriously until 2013. Before becoming a full-time writer, Matilda worked in the non-profit sector for fifteen years as an activist, researcher, grant writer, program director, and more.


Matilda loves books of all genres but has a special place in her heart for urban fantasy like the Dresden Files and the Iron Druid series. She owns more books than she could possibly read and has a passion for buying books from indie authors. In addition to the fourth book in the Vespers Chronicles, Matilda is working on a five-book series about the dark side of Faery and a standalone book about the college experience of one supernaturally gifted person.


Matilda lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and dogs.