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Matilda Reyes was born and raised in New York City. After an eight-year stint in Los Angeles, she moved to South Florida. She loves living by the ocean and bookstores and loves supporting indie writers. She owns more books than she could possibly read in this lifetime and has no compunctions about buying more. Her favorite genres to read are urban fantasy and paranormal romance though she'll read anything you put in front of her. She prefers hot chocolate to coffee, especially the holiday peppermint hot cocoa. It makes her feel like there are seasons again.

Matilda lives in the Miami area with her husband and dog.

Meet Matilda
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Scorching Magik Release Has been move to later this year.

Supernatural Unrest. Dying Vampires. False accusations.

The night is no longer safe for many of the supernatural races. Unrest percolates through the supernatural underground as Vampires begin falling dead from immolation in very public places. None of this should be Ava’s problem, but when the head of a local vampire clan comes knocking on her door accusing her best friend, Nadia, of these deaths, Ava has no choice but to get involved.

Nadia Abreu has earned a reputation for being mysterious and dangerous. A trained dancer, and professional pain in Ava’s ass, Nadia loves and embraces her Fire Magik, and she’s not shy about showing it off to other supernatural creatures. She’s been lying to Ava, and it kills her, but it’s the only way to keep her friend safe.

Can Ava and The Black Cauldron Detectives find the actual killer and prove her best friend’s innocence? Or will the truth be something darker than Ava bargained for?

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