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Ava Ramos is one furious mage. New York City is her town, and she and her Black Cauldron Detective Agency know every beat of the supernatural underground. Need an object found or secrets uncovered? Ava and her partners are the mages to contact. A former rival, Tasis, shows up with a case proving Ava might not know everything about her town.

The Lauret Grimoire, the oldest known compendium of the supernatural, has gone missing from one of the most closely guarded magikal libraries in the city. The mages assigned to guard the damned thing can’t find any clues. Tasis is one of those mages.

Now, Tasis is calling in the last favor Ava owes him. Ava never breaks her word, so she and the Black Cauldron Detective Agency take the impossible case.

Can they find The Lauret Grimoire before anyone in the supernatural underground gets their hands on it? Or will a supernatural war start in Ava’s backyard?

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I absolutely love Matilda's books! I can't wait to read her new book. The suspense is killing me.

I’m honestly so excited to see how you build this new story especially with magic.

Matilda masterfully crafts high-action stories - I'm excited to see new magic systems, new characters, and see just how these witch-detectives operate.