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A deadly explosion. A league of assassins. And no place to hide.

Jasper Andrews is pinned as the prime suspect when an explosion rocks her small town in upstate New York. Not that she’s surprised. This isn’t the first time she’s been caught near a suspicious blast. Considering she has supernatural powers she can’t control, even she’s not convinced it would be the last.

Jasper flees her small town for the anonymity of Manhattan. Before she can get far, she’s kidnapped by The Order of Vespers, a cabal of assassins who believe she’s the key to a prophecy they believe can save the world. In exchange for helping them with their mission, The Order offers her a place to hide from her enemies and a chance to learn how to control her powers. Left with no allies or friends, Jasper takes them up on their offer.

Life with a league of assassins isn’t at all what Jasper expected. Just as she begins to let her guard down, a betrayal from within The Order leads to a deadly standoff.

Will Jasper choose to save her new friends and all of humanity . . . or save herself?

Book One

Book Two

A disappearance. A prophecy not yet realized. A man determined to fulfill his destiny.

Jasper is missing. And for more than a year, Jordan McAllister—the most famous and supernaturally brutal assassin
within the Order of Vespers, has been the only member of the Order who thinks she’s coming back. He keeps hearing Jasper’s voice in his head, begging him to find her.

The Circle, the new leadership of the Order, tells him he’s crazy, that he’s manifesting her to cope with the loss.
But Jordan isn’t the only one grieving. Jasper’s best friend, Mikael, hasn’t slept in months. Visions of Jasper have become
more frequent, and Mikael is convinced his friend is somewhere unreachable.

Although the danger to the Order remains, along with the very real possibility of the prophecy coming to pass without Jasper, The Circle needs her power. Can they find her? Or will Jordan be forced to go up against his greatest enemy alone?

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The Black Knight_Reyes_ebook.jpg

Book Three

A forbidden love. An unfulfilled prophecy. The ultimate sacrifice.

Since taking up her mantle as an assassin within the Order of Vespers, Jasper Andrews has seen just about everything. She’s come into supernatural abilities that she inherited from her deceased siblings, chatted with deities, and trained with an immortal mentor. And now, as if life weren’t mind-boggling
enough, she’s been placed in charge of bringing an end to a cult hell-bent on unleashing chaos on humanity. Jasper finds she must rely on the one person with the power to hurt her. She’s tried but can’t seem to fight the magnetic pull between them. Can they stage a rescue mission and defeat their greatest mortal enemy while avoiding heartbreak?

No big deal; she’s saved the world before . . . sort of. This should be a piece of cake. Or a complete disaster.

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