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I'm not exactly sure what to say. I have to push the release date back to March 7, 2023. This book got to me, and I had a bit of a breakdown, and I knew I wouldn't meet the release date and give you the quality book you deserve.

Please be patient with me as I bring this story of friendship, mystery, lust, and murder. I promise it's worth the wait. Here are a few quotes to keep you going.


"The person I’d been looking for, the excuse for even being here tonight, materialized next to me. Myah, the perpetually teenage vampire, grinned down at me. She was turned shortly after her seventeenth birthday. The only advantage was that she’d have that young, supple skin and gorgeous hair that wasn’t damaged by age. Myah was a pretty girl with big brown eyes, a contagious laugh, and a wicked sense of humor. She was also vicious in selecting her blood donors. As a rule, the vampire community of New York City didn’t drain their victims entirely. No deaths, no cleanup required. Myah loved to skirt that line, sometimes leaving her victims delirious from a lack of blood. On more than one occasion, Utsav and Vhesraya had to call an Ordinary ambulance to get blood transfusions for Myah’s treats." "He hesitated, then brushed his lips over mine. It was nothing like the kiss we’d shared this past summer. That had been desperate and wild, only to impress a kinky vampire who happened to be a lead. This was slow, gentle. Curious, even." "A person with a long, gray coat with a matching hood walked out with a large box in their arms. They turned south and away from us. It was always suspicious to see another gray Mage in public. There were only two dozen of us in the entire borough of Manhattan, and we rarely crossed paths. As long as no one hired me against them, I didn’t care what they did." "Alone, I kicked off my heels and wiggled my way out of the too-warm leather pants. The tank went next, and I changed into a pair of fleece pajama pants with Lisa Frank-style unicorns prancing up and down the legs and a cotton-candy pink sweatshirt. Then I scrubbed my skin with Ordinary products and the removal cream Nadia and I created to get off the most stubborn magikal makeup and wrestled my hair out of its tight ponytail. The second hair tie came loose, and the band of tension around my head dissipated. Done with that, I climbed into bed, turned on a home renovation show, and opened my laptop. There was no way my brain would rest tonight if I didn’t at least scan the video Vhesraya gave us, and I never said that I wouldn’t work from bed."

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