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Diving into the World of Witches

Writing a book on witchcraft should have been simple. Everyone's seen Charmed. I hadn't counted on the different kinds of witchcraft that were/are practiced all over the world. Initially, I focused primarily on Wicca. It's the most recognizable in the media today. Then, as I wrote, I realized that there were questions I had that Wicca didn't answer. So I expanded my search to the usual Indo-European religions. There were still questions and practices that I'd heard of that I wanted to know about. Next, my search went to my ancestral homeland, Puerto Rico. I dove into Espiritismo, Brujeria, Santeria,. From there, I moved on to Hoodoo and Vodou. Then, I moved on to Native American and Meso-American traditions. Exhausted, I tried to relax my brain with some anime. I turned on Black Clover and it hit me! I wanted to write a detective novel - I've been hinting at this for years! I wanted a woman of color as the protagonist, preferably someone of short stature, and I wanted to mix magic systems. How do I describe the book?

Dresden Files meets Black Clover meets Practical Magic. The Dresden Files is an urban fantasy series by Jim Butcher. There are seventeen books in the series that follow Harry Dresden, a wizard detective. As the series progresses...just go read it. Black Clover is an anime that features two poor boys, one with magic and the other without, who are gifted with gets confusing. Go watch it. Practical Magic is an old Sandra Bullock movie that features two sisters who are hereditary witches. They kill someone and have to cover up the crime. Any guesses why I like it so much?

Next month, I'll reveal the series title and show you some of the witchy supplies Ava and her merciless coven use. The month after that, a cover get the idea.

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