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Happy Happy!

Whether you celebrate a holiday this week or not, happy day off and good comfort food to you. I won't get into my feelings on the national holiday followed by the massive shopping day because I'm a curmudgeon this time of year. Since I don't celebrate traditionally, I decided to help others out.

I'm in one of those crazy moods, so starting on November 23 and ending on November 25, both Unearthly Magik and Order of Vespers will be FREE.

Yes, that's right, FREE.

Why? Though I'm not personally shopping this weekend, I love the idea of finding that good book to sneak away from family to read over the next few days. I'll certainly be on the lookout for myself, so if you have recommendations, email me at

If you do purchase books, support indie authors and small bookstores. Sweet Haven Books in Miami stocks both Order of Vespers and Unearthly Magik.

My new goal is inspired by the Icelandic tradition of Jólabókaflóðið, the Christmas flood of books. First, I'm going to fill my bookshelves to bursting and gift books with particular meanings for the receiver. Then, I'm going to insist on half a day on Christmas Day to read one of those new books. Of course, I'll likely read long into the night and wake up bleary-eyed with drool on my face and a book stuck to my cheek. It will be absolutely glorious.

Don't forget to get two books for free this week!


Rivals. Impossible cases. Supernatural war.

Ava Ramos is one furious mage. New York City is her town, and she and her Black Cauldron Detective Agency know every beat of the supernatural underground. Need an object found or secrets uncovered? Ava and her partners are the mages to contact. A former rival, Tasis, shows up with a case proving Ava might not know everything about her town.

The Lauret Grimoire, the oldest known compendium of the supernatural, has gone missing from one of the most closely guarded magikal libraries in the city. The mages assigned to guard the damned thing can’t find any clues. Tasis is one of those mages.

Now, Tasis is calling in the last favor Ava owes him. Ava never breaks her word, so she and the Black Cauldron Detective Agency take the impossible case.

Can they find The Lauret Grimoire before anyone in the supernatural underground gets their hands on it? Or will a supernatural war start in Ava’s backyard?

A deadly explosion. A league of assassins. And no place to hide.

Jasper Andrews is pinned as the prime suspect when an explosion rocks her small town in upstate New York. Not that she’s surprised. This isn’t the first time she’s been caught near a suspicious blast. Considering she has supernatural powers she can’t control, even she’s not convinced it would be the last.

Jasper flees her small town for the anonymity of Manhattan. Before getting far, she’s kidnapped by The Order of Vespers, a cabal of assassins who believe she’s the key to a prophecy they believe can save the world. In exchange for helping them with their mission, The Order offers her a place to hide from her enemies and a chance to learn how to control her powers. Left with no allies or friends, Jasper takes them up on their offer.

Life with a league of assassins isn’t at all what Jasper expected. Just as she begins to let her guard down, a betrayal from within The Order leads to a deadly standoff.

Will Jasper choose to save her new friends and all of humanity . . . or save herself?

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