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Happy Holidays and a New Book from Me to You!

I'm also grateful that my first co-written book is finally done and published! I've been talking about Chasing Starlight for MONTHS and now it's here. Chasing Starlight is the first in The Daughters of Night Chronicles. It's a sweet paranormal romance and a nice change of pace while I'm working on the final book in the Vespers Chronicles (don't worry, there's at least one spinoff in the works). Here's the blurb: 

The boogie man is real, and Cassandra Williams would know—she’s seen him.

After moving back to Southern California, Cassandra Williams is thrilled to start her new career as an elementary school teacher. She feels like she’s finally found the balance between living her day to day life and moonlighting as a Dream Weaver—she may even have a chance for love. Her father, the Lord of Night, demands she collect the dust of dreamers to maintain the illusion between our worlds, but it gets complicated when one of the creatures lurking in the shadows tries to keep her from leaving. Now, the other dream weavers are starting to disappear, and the Realm of Dreams does not feel safe anymore. But she cannot ignore the call of magic summoning her to join him.

Will she find a way to defeat the shadow demon or become his final meal?

For the holiday season, we've marked down the e-book from $4.99 to just $2.99. Pick it up for yourself and buy it for someone who's looking for a delightful holiday read. Okay, okay, I had to do the self-promotion. I am an author, after all, and the bills need to get paid. I REALLY want you to get this book; it's also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Whatever you celebrate, if you celebrate, if the season is rough for you...I hope you enjoy the next few weeks and the New Year. 

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