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I NaNo So Hard

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE NaNoWriMo. I've won at least five times and this year will be no exception. This time, I'm going to be working on two projects -- Daughters of Night and Vespers Chronicles book four. I can't share much about Daughters of Night yet, but that's okay because we're looking at a December release if all goes well. We're 75% done and 25% is at the editor, with another 25% going to our intrepid word-fixer in a few days.

I'm SO excited about Vespers Chronicles book four. You folx, I've been working for the last year and a half to come up with the finale for this series. It had to be hard-hitting and it had to wrap up all the loose ends. It also had to set up at least two spin-off series that I wanted to do, at least theoretically. My brain finally came up with something a few weeks ago when I was driving to Tampa to see a heavy metal concert. The music fits the mood of the books, so I guess that's what triggered it. When I arrived home, I did some research on the mythological stuff I wanted to include, saw I had a lot of flexibility, and outlined the darn thing in two hours. I now know what's going to happen from beginning to end.

Day 1 didn't go as expected. I thought I'd write a thousand or so words on Daughters of Night then finish the official outline for Vespers. I ended up writing close to 4,000 words for former and none for the latter. Word count-wise, it works out just fine. I'm ahead of the curve. Project wise, I need to catch up. So instead of breathing fresh air and feeling the ever-present Florida sunshine on my face, I'm holed up at home toiling away until my fingers bleed. Normally, I'd be miserable, especially because I've got that real-world project to work on. That one is ongoing and won't finish until exactly a year from now, but it requires daily maintenance and hard work.

Anyway, Day 2 will be different and I *think* I'm taking Day 3 off to go to the vet for my suddenly limping (but otherwise fine) dog, unless he starts walking fine again, which in that case, it's off to church and the farmers market.

See you on Monday (Day 4).

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