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Instagram Live - Friday, April 16, 3pm

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Next week I'm doing an Instagram Live to talk about my new book, why I won't translate the Spanish phrases sprinkled throughout the story, my previous series, and anything else you come up with.

Friday, April at 16, 3pm at:

Ava Ramos is on the warpath, and that’s never a good thing for an Earth Mage as strong and volatile as her. Lourdes, the Queen of Witches, and her longtime mentor and friend is dead, and Ava knows it involves that potion Lourdes had been working on, the one she urged her to destroy. When the Queens Guard finds Lourdes dead, Ava and her coven and fellow private detectives get pegged for suspects. Not only are they the last to see her alive, but they’re at her palace for reasons they can’t explain to anyone.

​Following Ava’s every step is the powerful Wind Mage, Maximo Torres, and he’s looking for any evidence that points to Ava and her detectives. He follows them even as Ava and her team move underground to maneuver around the rest of the Guard. Fed up with his constant presence, Ava brings Maximo into the investigation, positive that his unique brand of magic will be needed.

Ava’s detectives and Maximo are in a fight against time to not only figure out the Queen’s murder but also save the world of mages and witches alike.

If you're not following, please do. Can't wait to see you next week.

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