• Matilda Reyes

Looking for Elyse?

Don't worry, my darlings, I haven't abandoned you. Matilda is the pen name I am using starting this year. There's no dramatic reason for the change. I have professional opportunities outside the field of writing I want to keep separate.

Matilda will put out the Vespers Chronicles under the new name (with some fancy new formatting) in e-book format only later this month. Why? The paperbacks are taking some time to put together due to formatting (gasp!) issues. As soon as we fix things here at Matilda headquarters, the paperbacks will also be available.

In addition to re-releasing the books, I'm going to host monthly events for writers and readers. Check out the calendar. If you're interested in having me attend your event as a speaker or vendor, please contact me at info@matildareyes.com.

Welcome to my new friends, and welcome back to everyone migrating over from the old site.