• Matilda Reyes

Matilda is giving away free books again.

If you follow me here or in my newsletter, which you should definitely sign up for, you know that I love giving away my books. Yes, I don't make a profit. I don't even get much of a bump in rankings. I give the ebooks away is because I want to reach out to a wider audience. The more people who read my book, the more will hopefully come back for the second, third, and fourth in this series. I want people to meet Jasper and mourn the death of *^$^$*&(((_(. I want to hear who they love and hate. What storyline pissed them off? Who do you want more of?

So head on over to Amazon to pick up Order of Vespers, The Circle, and The Black Knights for free.

Oh, I forgot.

Do you want a couple of free audiobooks? I'm giving away a limited amount of copies of the audiobooks for Order of Vespers and The Circle. Why? The Black Knights audiobook is nearly done and I want you to come back for that one. All I ask is that you leave an honest review on Audible.

If you like my writing, tell your friends about me and suggest they pick up the books this weekend. A free book is a great way to introduce someone to the party.