• Matilda Reyes

My Favorite Author

Everyone has a favorite. I have a list of at least ten, but one person always tops the list.


The Dragonlance Series by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss brought me into the world of fantasy, thanks to my now-husband. But Butcher introduced me to urban fantasy, the genre I read most and write. His Dresden Files follows a wizard detective through the mayhem around him. There are seventeen or eighteen more books with plans for more plus a short spinoff. I've read all the books and I'm going to read them again once I meet my deadlines. I devour them. He also wrote the Codex Alera series, which I also adore. I haven't read the Cinderspires series , and that's on my TBR list.

Why do I love him as hard as I do? He brings to life not only the magical characters ranging from wicca to greek mythology and more seamlessly. He makes Chicago part of the story, not just the background. And Harry Dresden is one of my all-time favorite characters. He is broken, gets breat down and broken, and he still rises to the occasion no matter what the cost. I like a bit of martyring in my characters. Simply put, he writes fantastic books and you should read them.

Check out the trailer for the most recent book.

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