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My Messy Magic Mode

Every fantasy book has a magic system and rules for its world. The author probably doesn't explicitly state the rules, but we know they're there. The main character becomes exhausted after using too much magic or needs a focus or tool to harness their powers.

The Black Cauldron Detective Agency series is no different. In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I mixed magic systems to come up with something that worked for me. All characters in this story are witches or mages. Witches are your standard, well, witch. They have a deep connection to the elements and are able to harness elemental powers to different degrees. Mages are those who take their studies and practice of elemental magic to a new level. They are the most powerful members of the witch community. They also use grimoires and spells. Why? Think of them as power-ups. Elemental magic is awesome, and power-ups allow them to enhance their natural abilities and create things their bodies can't.

I swear it's fun. Want a hint more?

Ava Ramos is on the warpath, and that’s never a good thing for an Earth Mage as strong and volatile as her. Lourdes, the Queen of Witches, and her longtime mentor and friend is dead, and Ava knows it involves that potion Lourdes had been working on, the one she urged her to destroy. When the Queens Guard finds Lourdes dead, Ava and her coven and fellow private detectives get pegged for suspects. Not only are they the last to see her alive, but they’re at her palace for reasons they can’t explain to anyone.

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