• Matilda Reyes

Urban Fantasy Writers and Readers Assemble!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I spend way too much time on the 'gram. Really, it takes a while to like and comment on posts that I absolutely love. However, one thing I noticed was the lack of a cohesive urban fantasy community, both writers and readers. I made a call for UF writers on both Facebook and Instagram, and the response has been flooring. In am matter of hours, I connected with forty to fifty new writers. How cool is that?

I found forty-ish new writers to expose you to. We are thinking of doing a reader/writer follow loop and other activities to connect the two communities. Are you interested in finding out more about us? Do you want to find new books to read? It is easy. Follow me and follow these hashtags:

#urbanfantasy #urbanfantasybooks #urbanfantasynovels #urbanfantasyseries #urbanfantasyauthors #urbanfantasyreaders

I swear this isn't self-promo. Once the communities get off the ground and we connect readers and writers, I will gracefully and gratefully bow ouYest. , of course I want you to be interested in my work, especially my upcoming series, but I'd love to see this work just as much. Anyway, follow me on Facebook too.

More posts coming your way later this month. Stay tuned!

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