• Matilda Reyes

Won't You Be My Patron?

Patreon is yet another form of artists begging to be paid for their work. You might see someone sitting behind their laptop in a coffee shop and think all they pay for is the lattes that fuel their never-to-be-published memoir. That's true for some, but for the rest of us, writing is an expensive business. Unless you're an artist, covers don't come cheap. Neither does formatting if you don't have the skills and the patience to manage your own. Then there's editing. The promotional ads. The conventions where we sell our books, which by the way, we have to buy in order to sell. It kinda makes me wonder why the hell we do this.

The truth is we keep at it because we love storytelling. We have these magical worlds in our heads that are just dying to be shared. Our creativity would overwhelm us if we didn't put words on paper if we didn't brush paint on a canvas. Our art begs to be released to the world.

Why should you become a patron, and what the hell does that mean anyway?

Think of the olden days when a rich person would pay an artist/writer/whatever to create art because their stories/paintings/etc. moved them. Nowadays, it looks sort of like a GoFundMe page. Patreon gives you the chance to support an artist in their work. You're not paying a salary; you're throwing a few bucks toward them to show that you think their art is worth it.

Most artists/writers have set up tiers of support. So for $1/$5/$whatever you get various goodies. On my Patreon, you get everything from sneak peeks to the chance to get written into the next book. I'm updating my tiers soon to add in some swag and goodies I'll snail mail to you.

So if you like my work and want to see more of it, and want to become part of my creative world, please consider supporting me for as little as $1/month.